To start selling with Caraïbiana, you will have to register by creating an account. This can be done using your email or via your Facebook account. Please note, that when creating an account with your email, the account needs to be verified. A verification link will be sent to your email account. Click the link and start selling!

Choose your category 
Creating an ad starts with choosing a category and your location. Some categories will have subcategories to make it easier for potential buyers to find your item. Your location should be set to where the item can be collected. 

Caraïbiana is an Online Caribbean Classifieds website. This means you will be able to see goods, jobs and services on your own island (or in your own country), but also on every other Caribbean island. This will give you maximum exposure in order to increase the number of potential buyers. 

What’s in a name…

Everything! To enable potential buyers to find your item faster, describe the item in your Ad title. For example: Men’s shoes, size 7, will make it easier for buyers to find your goods, then when your title reads “Shoes for Sale”. Giving your Ad the right name, will help sell your item faster!

It’s all in the details

Describe your goods for sale with as much information as possible. Dimensions, damage, quantity, color, new, old or used. Being clear and concise about the state the item is in, will attract the right buyer. Add links to websites or YouTube links, to offer the buyers more information on your item. 


It is important, when posting an ad, to be aware of the currency feature on our website. Prices of the items for sale, will be shown in your local currency. However, someone on Barbados, viewing your ad from Guyana, will see all prices in US dollars. Prices are automatically converted to the local currency of your location, which is is why you will see prices in odd numbers, as the conversion will change rounded numbers to odd numbers. 


To get the best price for your item, you can use the “Offers” feature. When you select this option, you will receive offers from interested buyers and you will be able to decline or accept the offers as they come in. All offers will appear on your account, under the “Offers” tab. If you want to set your price at one amount and not accept offers, please select “No” in this section. 

A picture is worth a thousand words

In sales this is beyond true. Make sure you take clear pictures of your item, in different angels and add at least one close-up (depending on the item you are selling).

Do not disturb…

To enable you to manage your possible buyers on your own time, we offer the possibility to only accept correspondence via email. For direct and fast deals, the second option is to mention your phone number in the ad. Your phone number will be partially revealed, until a potential buyer clicks on the ad and phone number “reveal” button. 

For the quickest sales, you can post both an email and your phone number! Your email will not show on your ad, to prevent the possibility of spam. 

Free ads on Caraïbiana

Please note, that all ads on Caraïbiana are free!