Posting Rules

It is our aim to help you, by giving you an easy and free way to buy, sell and find opportunities. To do that safely and successfully, there are a few rules you need to follow.

Caraïbiana Posting Rules

One person is only allowed one account

The reason for this is very simple: There is only one you, so you can only have one unique account linked to your personal information. This rule is in place, to limit the possibility of one person selling under different names and using different email addresses to create accounts, to try and scam people out of their money. Should we at any time find out, that you have more than one account, we reserve the right to freeze all your accounts and associated ads, with immediate effect. 

You actually have to be legal! 

This means, that you have to be eighteen years of age or above to use this site.

Don’t add in your contact details in the ‘Title’ field or the ‘Description’ field

Make sure you put in the correct information in the correct field. This in turn will help you sell your item faster, by allowing potential buyers to find the information they need. All fields have sufficient room to fill out the required information.

Make sure you’re posting clear, accurate and actual photos

As mentioned in the previous rule, don’t add your contact details anywhere but in the designated field. Should any of your pictures contain your contact details, then we will have to ask you to take them down. Secondly, do not post false pictures, that don’t match what you’re selling. For example, posting a picture of a pet that isn’t yours. 

Do not add other website links in your Ad. 

If you do have a website link you need to mention, then there’s a separate field for that.

We love to keep our site tidy and neat. 

You can help us with that, by choosing the best category you can for your ad and giving your ad a clear and precise title, describing the item being sold. This helps, by giving your Ad the best exposure.

As mentioned before, we love tidiness. 

And duplicate ad’s ruins that for us. So, you can have only one ad per item and vice versa. This rule is in place, because duplicate ad’s confuse people.

You need to Highlight the best bits of the item you’re selling

Not our brand. Make sure you know that we don’t prefer, endorse or support one thing over the other.

If you have the item, then only sell that item

If the item is in your possession, then only sell that item. Otherwise, it’s like you’re leading people on.

We aim to keep our website clean!

Another rule you need to keep in mind is that there shouldn’t be any sort of spam, whether its ad or keyword spamming posted in the ad’s. 

Finally: If you’ve sold it, then take the ad down

To prevent getting any further responses, disable or delete your ad via your My Caraïbiana account. And while you are there… you can use the opportunity to post your next ad!

What if someone constantly disregards these rules?

The consequences are the same for anyone who breaks any rules! We simply remove their ads. We even send them an email, that contains the reason for removing the ad. But, if they continue breaking the rules, we will proceed to freeze and possibly remove the account.