Safety Advice

When buying previously owned goods, you always have to be wary of people with bad intentions. Your safety is our main priority, as it ensures good and productive Market Place experiences. Should you, at any time, have a bad experience, please inform us right away, to help us protect other online buyers from these sellers!

When you are buying:

First, always check if the item is real

Especially when buying phones or other devices, brand name clothing, watches or tickets, please be aware that many fake items are in circulation, so always check your item for authenticity.

Proof of ownership

For certain items, such as electronics or cars, always ask for receipts or certificates. 

If possible, try to pay cash. 

There are many people online, trying to scam you. The safe way would be to pay cash. For larger / expensive items, agree to do a transfer at your bank or use PayPal.

Beware of fake payment links! 

Make all your payments directly from your own PayPal account. Never click payment links in emails. When paying via PayPal, make sure you do not use the Family & Friends or the ‘’ option. When you use these payment options, you will not be able to request a refund, should anything go wrong. 

Up Close and Personal

Meet your Seller in the daytime, face to face and in a public place, to check the item you are buying. Better yet, bring a fiend! Always put your personal safety first!

When you are selling:

Fake money. 

Always check the received banknotes to make sure you are being paid in real money!


A notorious way of scamming people, is receiving a message that the buyer has sent you too much money by mistake and for you to return the surplus. Check with your bank for any deposits, before addressing any financial transactions!