Online Classifieds

For several years, the creation of an online community had been a much-discussed project amongst our team. We wanted to create a website, where people from all over the Caribbean could come together and have a true online Market Place Experience. It took until 2016 for our ideas to finally come to fruition.

After a small startup, with a basic website, we were proud to announce the official launch of our new website in January 2017. We have expanded our online presence with another 8 countries / islands and are very excited to say, that we are now able to offer a true online CARICOM experience.

The Caribbean is a beautiful and diverse territory and many Caribbean people work and live on neighboring islands. When moving to or moving away, but even while living on a Caribbean island, it was always difficult to have access to second hand or previously owned goods. To bring all that the islands have to offer, to the comfort of your home, we offer you:

The Caraïbiana Experience

An online classifieds site, is only as successful as the input and efforts of the sellers and buyers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our “early birds”, who were there using and testing our website, when we were still finding our way in the Caribbean classifieds community. We hope, that with your help, we can continue to offer and improve the Caraïbiana services to our islands.